Minimalistic designs, durable products and sustainable materials perfect for house-proud individuals looking to marry organisation with a clean, sleek and minimal look.

Our journey with sustainability.

Welcome to Black and Barn, the powerhouse of sustainable styles, the eco-friendly store with the Earth at heart, the black owned business owned by me.. Loraine !

As someone who loves cleanliness, minimalism and high fashion, I always had a vision of a home filled with beautiful homeware made of glass, wood and other eco-friendly materials (after all style starts at home). When I couldn’t find any items that fitted my desired aesthetic and morals, I decided it was the perfect time for the birth of Black and Barn.

When creating Black and Barn, my goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing brand centred around eco living while using a relaxed and refreshing approach. I wanted to steer away from using the same slogans we always hear such as “save the planet” and take a step back from regurgitating facts about the effects of using non-sustainable materials which we have all heard over and over again. I aimed to inspire and educate my customers using timeless pieces, which not only help make a house a home but also make an eco transition effortless, enjoyable and easy on the eyes.

One question I hear often after working in mental health for 6 years is why move to retail from healthcare? Shifting career paths isn’t always easy, but for me I knew it was time to ease out of the healthcare sector and into something that allowed me the freedom to express my creativity and pair this with my passion for what I like to call ‘The Greater Good’. Though I enjoyed my years working in a person centred environment, I felt it was time to re-centre my focus towards helping the environment.

The world currently produces 381 million tonnes in plastic waste yearly with predictions of this doubling by 2034. I was surprised to learn that 50% of this is single-use plastic with only 9% of it ever being recycled. I am a strong believer in being the change you want to see which is why when you shop with Black and Barn you can assure you are using a brand who put action behind their words. The proof is in our work. So close to being 100% plastic free, we are actively working towards reducing the plastic wastage contributing to the destruction of the planet. Think environmentalism but think sleek, simple yet bold.

So let us help you with your journey to a sustainable life and help support the longevity of our wonderful planet! Our store was built with the customer in mind, so I am sure that you will be able to find something that calls out to you whether you’re shopping for your first home, family home or even home away from home, you can ensure that with Black and Barn products, you’re looking after your home in more ways than one.

PS: View at your own discretion.
Side effects may include: excessive time spent on the Black & Barn website | constantly peering out of home windows awaiting deliveries | regular visits to the Black & Barn website | a deep sense of pride as you watch your collection of stylish sustainable products grow | overwhelming feelings of fulfilment knowing you are consciously buying eco-friendly products.
You have been warned!!!


I’m extremely proud to say that our products are 98% plastic free as they are made from natural and recyclable materials such as bamboo and glass.
The remaining 2% can only be found in our spray tops and lids. However, my team and I have set a goal to be completely plastic free by the end of 2021 and we are not far off! Since launching Black & Barn, we have helped over 400 homes switch from plastic to sustainable products. We will continue to encourage people and help them take their first steps towards saving the planet with our style specific approach which has proven to be relatable and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, especially the younger generations, who are the leaders of tomorrow.
By offering some of the most unique and stylish eco-friendly products, we hope this continues to motivate people to use refillable products such as ours and recycle.
Our motto is “OUT WITH THE OLD. IN WITH THE NEW!” so join in on the home organisation revolution and transform your home whilst making the world a cleaner and happier place.

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