Environmentally Friendly.

Home storage solutions made from glass and wood.

Perfect for house-proud individuals looking to marry organisation with a clean, sleek and minimal look.

Our Brand

Hi, My name is Loraine and welcome to my store, Black& Barn!
An eco-friendly store with a laid back but super effective twist. 
When creating Black and Barn, it was very important to me to remember my goal, which was to help people switch and become (more) eco-friendly in a relaxed and refreshing manner. In order achieve this, I chose to leave behind the use of hard-hitting slogans like “save the planet” and all the preaching about the effects of non-sustainable materials which we have all heard about. 
Instead, I wanted to introduce and inspire my customers with products that made the transition as effortless and as stylish as possible. 
After all, we all know the consequences and we all know our responsibilities so why not talk less talk and act more!There is no better time for change than now, so whether you’re new to this or good at this, I hope you find something in my store that will help make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint - That is the Black & Barn Way! 
Oh, and before I go… Our stuff is highly addictive so get comfortable and get shopping!

Our Pride, Our Mission, Our Goal!

I’m extremely proud to say that our products are 98% plastic free as they are made from natural and recyclable materials such as bamboo and glass.
The remaining 2% can only be found in our spray tops and lids. However, my team and I have set a goal to be completely plastic free by the end of 2021 and we are not far off! Since launching Black & Barn, we have helped over 400 homes switch from plastic to sustainable products. We will continue to encourage people and help them take their first steps towards saving the planet with our style specific approach which has proven to be relatable and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, especially the younger generations, who are the leaders of tomorrow.
By offering some of the most unique and stylish eco-friendly products, we hope this continues to motivate people to use refillable products such as ours and recycle.
Our motto is “OUT WITH THE OLD. IN WITH THE NEW!” so join in on the home organisation revolution and transform your home whilst making the world a cleaner and happier place.

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