Mini Pump Bottle Trio (Kitchen)

3 x 300ml
£ 29.99 
£ 29.99 
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This gorgeous amber-toned glass pump bottle with a waterproof label of your choice is the perfect storage solution for your kitchen cleaning products or hand washes. Easy to clean. Easy to fill. Measurements - 23cm x 9cm. Capacity - 300ml. Also available in 500ml & 1Litre. Sold individually.

Our 300ml pump bottle trio set with waterproof labels make it easy to control how much product you use, helping to minimise waste. Our bottles also help you cut down on plastic by using a stylish bottle that looks and feels premium.

Made from thick borosilicate glass, the weighted bottom ensures the bottle stays in place while dispensing product.

The following set includes 3 x 300 ml bottles with the following labels;

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Lotion

Washing Up Liquid

Measurements - 23cm x 9cm

23cm x 9cm